November 2022


Konbini or convenience stores are essential to Japanese daily living!
See which Japanese konbini treats were included in November's box!
Pokemon Sapporo Ichiban Soy Sauce Noodles
Konbinis always have delicious instant noodles! Warm up with this bowl of Pokemon noodles flavored with seafood and soy sauce. It comes with a collectible Pokemon sticker. Gotta catch ‘em all!
Jagarico Garlic Soy Sauce Karaage Snack
Savor the taste of freshly fried “karaage” or Japanese fried chicken, fragrant garlic, and savory soy sauce as you munch on these crunchy potato stick snacks. Fried snacks are a konbini staple!
Pretz Chicken & Herb Super Crispy Biscuit Sticks
Pretz is a famous long-selling brand of pretzel stick snacks in Japan! Indulge in the savory goodness of herbed chicken dish in every bite of these extra-crispy biscuit sticks. You can always find handy snacks like these in Japanese konbinis.
Banana Milk Candy
Konbinis have a lot of tasty and healthy fruits. Enjoy this pack of delicious banana milk-flavored candy! Each piece contains Vitamin B6 which is good for your health.
Puchitto Double Soda Candy
These soft round candy treats are stuck to one another like bubbles! Have fun pulling each soda and energy soda-flavored candy bit one by one. Konbinis are always filled with refreshing soda and energy drinks!
Ju C Color Ball Ramune Candy
Ramune is a popular carbonated drink in Japan, usually sold in konbini stores. Have a blast trying out these colorful ramune candies that come in five refreshing flavors - cola, clear soda, lemon soda, melon soda, and orange soda.
Chee-zack Cheese Snack
Dagashi snacks, usually found in konbini shops, are popular among Japanese children for their fun and bright packaging! Snack on this delicious cheesy dagashi treat that’s both crispy and flaky!
Uncle Pierre’s Strawberry Cream Roll Cake
This Japanese roll cake or “Nihon no Roru Keki” makes for the perfect afternoon snack and is best paired with hot tea! Enjoy the sweet strawberry cream sandwiched in between layers of cake!
DonDon Yaki Kimchi Rice Crackers
This pack of bite-size senbei (traditional Japanese rice snack) is satisfying to munch on. Each savory and crunchy piece is flavored with special kimchi seasoning.
Coris Mixed Drink Bar & Soda Cady
Satisfy your tastebuds with this long chewy candy! It has two layers and tastes like different soda flavors mixed with various drinks at a bar.
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