October 2022


Enjoy a spooktacular Halloween night trick-or-treating with Japan Candy Box!
See which Japanese Halloween treats were included in October's box!
Hi-Chew Halloween Candy Bag
Two of the most popular Japanese candy brands Puccho and Shigekix collaborated for this limited-edition pack of gummies! Experience the tasty combo as you munch on the chewy candies embedded with sour gummy bits at the center!
Umaibo Halloween Corn Potage Snack Stick
Meet Umaibo’s cat mascot Umaemon who’s wearing his best spooky costume and ready for some Halloween fun! This crunchy snack tastes like delicious hot corn soup on a cold autumn day.
Spooky Monster Stamp Candies
Have fun as you lick these spooky candies and watch your tongue change in color! You can also stamp these scary monster pattern treats on your skin before munching them all up.
Pocky Halloween Chocolate Biscuit Sticks
This limited-edition Pocky release is popular across Japan! Indulge in these biscuit sticks covered in classic chocolate flavor as you watch your favorite scary movie this Halloween!
Kinoko Takenoko Halloween Chocolate Snack
Japanese snacks are famous all over the world for their interesting shapes and look! Enjoy this spookily cute pack of odd but delicious bamboo shoots or mushroom-shaped chocolate snacks!
Halloween Peanut Chocoball Pack
Kyuro-chan, the bird mascot for this famous snack, is dressed up as a witch and ready to go trick or treating! Munch on this pack of peanut-centered balls covered with rich chocolate.
Oni Karamucho Extreme Spicy Miso Chips
Set your tastebuds on fire as you bite into these crunchy chips! Special chili peppers harvested in Kyushu island are used which have a rich aroma and burning spiciness.
Puchitto Cola & Lemon Candy
These soft candy treats are bunched together just like real lemon slices! Enjoy pulling each cola and lemon-flavored candy bit one by one before eating.
Pachi Pachi Panic Popping Grape Candy
This pack is filled with crunchy grape-flavored candy pieces that will start popping as soon as you place them into your mouth! Share them with your friends and have a good laugh making the candies crackle up!
Marukawa Spooky Halloween Gum
Turn yourself into a scary monster by eating this box of flavorful gum balls! Once you start chewing on each piece, it will change the color of your tongue!
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