September 2022


Summer festivals in Japan are celebrated with dance, music, colorful floats, and tasty snacks!
See which Japanese treats were included in September's box!
Puccho x Shigekix Lemon & Plum Chewy Candy
Two of the most popular Japanese candy brands Puccho and Shigekix collaborated for this limited-edition pack of gummies! Experience the tasty combo as you munch on the chewy candies embedded with sour gummy bits at the center!
Puku Puku Taiyaki Chocolate Wafer
Taiyaki is a must-try fish-shaped summer street food in Japan. Enjoy this snack filled with aerated chocolate cream. The crunchy outer wafer with the soft inside together makes a very pleasant and mouth-watering contrast in every bite!
Kyushu Karamucho Sweet & Spicy Chili Tomato Chips
Enjoy this pack of crispy snacks that are made with tomatoes harvested in Kumamoto city, Kyushu island. Its packaging features the prefecture's popular mascot, Kumamon.
Milk Anpan Soft Cream Snack
Anpan is a traditional Japanese bread that usually has sweet fillings. Indulge in these bite-sized bread snacks filled with soft-serve ice cream. A perfect cool and refreshing treat during the hot season!
Puccho Shirokuma Shaved Ice Candy
Shirokuma is a famous specialty of Kyushu. It consists of shaved ice topped with fruits, condensed milk, and syrups, and looks like a polar bear! Taste the refreshing and sweet goodness of this dessert in the form of chewy candy!
Black Thunder Banana Chocolate Bar
Indulge in this delicious chocolate bar that’s famous in Japan! Its newest flavor is made with crunchy banana chips and half-coated with rich chocolatey sauce.
Doubanjiang Corn Snacks
These light and crispy corn puffs are flavored with doubanjiang, a Chinese chili bean paste made from fermented soybeans and hot chilies. Best paired with a refreshing soda to balance out the spiciness.
Abe Ice Ramune Candy
Get a taste of ramune, a carbonated drink in Japan, especially popular during summer festivals! Each melt-in-your-mouth icy ramune candy piece is refreshingly cool.
Sweet & Spicy Yakiniku Snacks
Experience the umami goodness of yakiniku or “grilled meat” in these crispy chips! Each sweet and spicy crunchy piece tastes like delicious barbecued beef.
Sakeru Long Peeling Grape Gummy
This super long gummy became a hit in Japan, thanks to its hilarious TV commercials that went viral! Enjoy this yummy grape-flavored gummy by peeling off thin strips or munching it as a whole.
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