January 2023


Japan is known for its amazing number of vending machines scattered everywhere!
See which Japanese vending machine treats were included in January's box!
Lipton Tea Candy
Enjoy the famous Lipton tea in candy form! These special edition sweets have two layers for an even richer taste - assorted milk tea and lemon tea.
Meiji Vending Machine Drink Up Gummy
You can usually find cold or hot drinks in Japanese vending machines! This pack of drink-shaped gummy candy comes in three flavors - melon soda, cider, and cola. Have fun picking the treats from a vending machine-shaped inner tray.
Black Thunder Gateau Chocolate Bar
This best-selling chocolate bar goes really well with warm tea! Indulge in this rich chocolate treat made with a special cake and strawberry chips.
Crunky Luxurious Nuts Chocolate
Crushed hazelnuts and puffs add so much texture to this bar of delicious chocolate. Share this super popular Japanese treat with your best friends!
Demon Slayer Chocolate Wafer
Tanjiro and his friends from the popular anime Demon Slayer want you to eat this tasty chocolate-filled wafer! Munch on it while watching your fave anime.
Spy x Family Hoshitabeyo Peanut Rice Crackers
Spy x Family is a fun and popular action-packed anime. The kawaii telepath girl Anya Forger loves peanuts. That’s why this pack of rice crackers tastes just like them!
Fettuccine Soda Gummies
Vending machines across Japan are known to carry different sodas! Get instantly refreshed with these soda-flavored gummies! Each piece is shaped like a flat fettuccine noodle.
Koikeya STRONG Meat Crazy Spice Potato Chips
Japanese vending machines always carry interesting and tasty snacks! These ridged steak-flavored potato chips are generously coated with 9 herbs and spices like basil and red pepper!
Coris Soft Cola Bubble Gum
You can get various colas on vending machines in Japan! These instantly refreshing gumballs have cola paste centers. Among them, one has a super sour taste! Have fun trying your luck guessing!
Yaokin Soba-Meshi Noodle Snack
Enjoy munching on these mixed snacks made with crushed noodles and rice puffs that taste like both Yakisoba and Soba-meshi! One is a Japanese stir-fried noodle dish while the other is fried rice.
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