February 2023


It’s strawberry season in Japan right now. In Japanese, “strawberry time” means being lovey-dovey!
See which Japanese Valentine's Day treats were included in February's box!
Strong Carbonara Potato Chips
Enjoy the taste of a romantic carbonara meal with these yummy ridged potato chips. You can share this pack of crunchy treats with your special someone while you watch your favorite movie!
Look Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate
Strawberry shortcake and chocolate make for the perfect Valentine's mix! Each delicious piece has a center made of whipped cream with bits of cookie dough and berries.
Ghana Ripple Heart Choco
What better way to let someone know you love them than with a box of heart-shaped chocolates? These mellow milk choco pieces are also the perfect self-Valentine’s treat!
Genji Heart-Shaped Sugar Pie
Genji heart-shaped mini pies have been popular in Japan ever since their creation in 1965. Share these sugar-coated crunchy treats with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day!
Pocky Luxurious Strawberry Biscuit Sticks
A more luxurious take on Pocky, these bittersweet cocoa-flavored biscuit sticks are generously coated with delicious strawberry chocolate! Perfect when paired with hot tea.
Kit Kat Sachertorte Chocolate Wafer
Sachorte is a fondant chocolate cake topped with apricot jam from Austria. This limited-edition Kit Kat has apricot powder kneaded in between choco-coated cocoa wafers!
Heart Peanut Chocolate
This tasty chocolate is mixed with fragrant crushed peanuts! Write a lovely message on the white space of the packaging before giving this treat to your crush.
Strawberry Fruit Juice Custard Cake
This fluffy custard cake is the perfect Valentine’s snack! It’s filled to the brim with special Tochiotome strawberry cream and delicious sweet berry sauce.
Veggie Eat Lightly Salad Snacks
Stay healthy during this chocolate-filled month with this pack of salad snacks! These tasty treats are made with five different kinds of green and yellow vegetables.
Black Thunder Almond Barley Chocolate
This special bar of chocolate combines together crispy cookie bits, cornflakes, almonds, and barley for the ultimate sweet experience. Give this limited-edition treat to your crush!
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