March 2023


Wow, there’s a whole lot of new anime to watch! Binge your favorites while munching on these treats!
See which Japanese anime snacks were included in March's box!
Shin Kamen Rider Pizza Potato Chips
Shin Kamen Rider is the movie reboot of the original Kamen Rider of 1971! To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Calbee released these pizza-flavored ridged chips with red tomato sauce dot prints.
Pokemon Tomato Cream Ramen Cup
This cup of instant ramen is the perfect treat after watching the latest Pokemon series. You can enjoy the combination of the umami taste of tomatoes and the richness of fresh cream.
Pokemon Potato Maru Noodle Snacks
Snack on these potato noodle snacks before heading off to your next Pokemon battle! Each piece is lightly dusted with salt and even resembles the round shape of the famous Pokeballs.
Demon Slayer Hina Arare Rice Cracker Snacks
Hina arare snacks are crunchy rice crackers that are eaten during Hinamatsuri or Girls’ Day in Japan! Try these special treats with Nezuko and Tsuyuri from Demon Slayer.
Doraemon Yogurt Marshmallows
Join Doraemon on a new adventure — which is testing out this unique squishy snack! As you sink your teeth into the fluffy sweet white marshmallow, out comes a burst of tangy yogurt filling.
Tokyo Revengers Soda Gum
Are you as gutsy as the Tokyo Manji Gang from Tokyo Revengers? Guess which of the four sticks has an extremely sour taste! You can reward yourself with three refreshing soda-flavored gum after.
Lifeguard Soda Paste Candy
Lifeguard Soda is a carbonated energy drink that is so popular in Japan! It’s known to be extremely sweet yet packed with vitamins. Get your quick boost in gummy paste form!
Kamen Rider Geats Grape Gummy
These armor and weapon-shaped gummies look detailed and too good to be eaten! Snack on these grape-flavored treats while catching up on your favorite Kamen Rider series.
Kit Kat Caramel Chocolates
Take a break from watching anime and indulge in this yummy Japanese Kit Kat! It’s filled with luxurious melted caramel sauce in between layers mixed with yummy crushed biscuits.
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