April 2023


It’s a Japanese tradition to welcome this season by having hanami or cherry blossom viewings.
See which Japanese sakura snacks were included in April's box!
Picola Sakura Matcha Biscuit Rolls
Complete your cherry blossom-viewing experience by trying these delicious pink biscuit rolls that have a fragrant sakura scent! You’ll taste the bittersweet Uji matcha filling as you munch on them.
Calbee Japanese Plum Kataage Potato Chips
Kata-age are potato chips that are “hard and fried.” Enjoy munching on these crisps that are flavored with high-quality and tangy Kishu Nanko plums, and sprinkled with brown sugar for an extra kick!
Kabaya Strawberry Shortcake Gummies
These gummies look like mini strawberry shortcake slices! Have fun putting them together as a whole cake! The squishy treats come in both sweet and sour, and mellow strawberry flavors.
TinyTAN Garlic Cheese Rice Crackers
TinyTAN are animated mini-character versions of the K-pop superband BTS! Enjoy these garlic and cheese-flavored rice crackers with the ARMY or BTS fans. It also comes with a sparkly sticker!
Kit Kat Peach Chocolate
Japan is known for its super sweet peaches called “Momo.” Have a taste of this fresh sugary fruit as you try this peach-flavored white chocolate wafer bar filled with crushed biscuits.
Caplico Sakura & Strawberry Cone Snack
This unique snack is inspired by ice cream, but it doesn’t melt! Cap off your hanami as you try this delicious treat that has either sakura or strawberry whipped choco cream inside a mini cone.
Pocky Sakura & Matcha Biscuit Sticks
Savor the unique combination of fragrant sakura blossom-flavored biscuit sticks dipped in bittersweet matcha chocolate! You can pair this delicious snack with your favorite tea or coffee.
Springtime Easter Peanut Chocoballs
Easter egg hunting is one of the most fun springtime activities! And it’s even better when your Easter eggs are edible. Enjoy popping these choco-covered peanut treats that look like mini eggs!
Disney Easter Pakkuncho Choco Biscuits
Celebrate Easter and hanami with your favorite Disney characters! These crunchy biscuits come with random character designs and are generously filled with delicious chocolate sauce.
Hi-Chew Easter Chewy Candies
Welcome Easter with these colorful chewy candies! They come in four delicious flavors like soda, orange, peach, and grape. Mix and match these sweet treats to create new taste combinations!
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