May 2023


Super Mario fans and gamers alike are all trooping to Super Nintendo World in Japan!
See which Japanese Nintendo snacks were included in May's box!
Super Mario Coin Chocolate
Collect these game coins like Mario! However, they’re made not of gold but with milk choco that easily melts in your mouth. Have fun identifying your fave characters imprinted on each coin!
Super Mario Cola & Melon Gummy
These sweet gummies are shaped like Mario and his green dinosaur pal, Yoshi! Enjoy these squishy treats that come in two delicious flavors — refreshing cola and fruity melon!
Super Mario Charapaki Chocolate Bar
Uncover the surprise by carefully breaking this yummy milk choco bar! Not only will it reveal a Super Mario game character, but you’ll also finally get to taste the inner strawberry-flavored chocolate.
Pokemon Ramune Candy Balls
Japan loves fruit-flavored beverages, clear soda, and cola! Taste any of these refreshing drink flavors when you try these colorful ramune candy balls that are shaped like mini Pokeballs.
Koikeya STRONG Potato Pizza Chips
Koikeya STRONG Potato is known for its unique flavors and are thickly-sliced with ridges! Savor these chips that taste like Margherita pizza, a popular dish where Mario also comes from — Italy!
Pokemon Choco Chip Cookies
Enjoy the freshly-baked goodness of these moist and chewy cookies with Pikachu and Eevee while you’re in Super Nintendo World! Each piece is packed with lots of bittersweet chocolate chips.
Pokemon Cola Chewing Candy
This special chewy candy looks like a pack of gum with Pokemon-printed wrappers! Each piece has a thirst-quenching cola taste and quickly dissolves inside your mouth, unlike the typical gum.
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Choco Wafer
Munch on this crispy wafer filled with choco cream and crushed peanuts! This snack comes with a collectible sticker and is perfect while you’re busy playing the newest Nintendo Switch game.
Kit Kat Banana Caramel Chocolate
Japan loves bananas so much that it inspired so many banana-flavored snacks! Have a break with this delicious white choco wafer that tastes like bananas and has a caramel drizzle.
Pokemon Children’s Day Rice Crackers
Take a break after a tiring day of roaming around Super Nintendo World! You can munch on these yummy rice crackers that come in any of these shapes: bakauke or banana, round, or star!
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