June 2023


Japanese love both traditional flavors and modern snacks!
See which Japanese snacks were included in June's box!
Super Spicy Mania Red & Green Peppers Corn Snacks
Japanese snacks aren’t usually spicy but these fiery cornsticks will take your palette to the next level! Get ready for the strong kick of spice from the mix of Red Habaneros and Green Jalapeños!
Mentos DUO Muscat & Soda Candy
Enjoy two of Japan’s most popular chewy candy flavors! Ramune is inspired by the popular bottled fizzy lemonade soda while muscat is a special variety of sweet Japanese green grapes.
LOOK Japanese Tea House Mix Chocolate
Matcha, Hojicha roasted green tea, and Genmai Cha brown rice tea are the famous flavors ordered in traditional teahouses! Relax as you try these choco treats infused with these Japanese teas.
Coris Choco Kinako Mochi DIY Candy Kit
Eating kinako mochi or chewy rice cakes with roasted soybean flour was believed to bring luck in ancient Japan! Create your own mochi treats that have a chocolatey kick with this DIY candy kit!
Black Thunder Matcha Choco Bar
Uji matcha was always known as the “pearl of Japanese green tea.” Savor the taste of this traditional flavor as you take a bite of this chocolate bar packed with crunchy cookie bits and rice puffs!
Bourbon Petit Jakotto Plum Rice Crackers
Snack on these mini rice crackers that have a tangy plum flavor! Each piece is also sprinkled with Chirimen powder or dried Japanese white small fish that’s usually served on top of white rice.
Umaibo Yakitori Corn Stick Snack
Join Umaemon the cat as you try this delicious snack! The crunchy corn stick tastes like Japan’s well-known street food, yakitori. These are grilled chicken skewers with a sweet soy glaze.
Kit Kat Matcha Latte Chocolate
Matcha latte is one of the most in-demand drinks ordered in cafes across Japan! Have a break as you try this yummy white choco wafer infused with the flavors of green tea and sweet milk.
Katou Wasabi Potato Snacks
Wasabi is one of Japan’s favorite condiments as its spiciness masks out the fishy smell of raw sashimi! Enjoy these delicious and crunchy potato snacks that are coated with spicy wasabi powder.
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