July 2023


Akihabara is Tokyo’s most famous arcade spot!
See which Japanese otaku snacks were included in July's box!
Soaring Sky! PreCure Fruit Mix Gummy
Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure is the newest series airing on Japanese TV right now! Enjoy these fruity gummies as you join this brand-new set of PreCure heroines on their adventures!
Kit Kat Caramel Pudding Chocolate
Purin or Japanese caramel pudding is a popular afternoon snack loved by both kids and adults! Taste the bittersweet caramel glaze and creamy pudding base as you try this wafer choco bar.
Super Mario 3D World Choco-Coated Snacks
Gain a power-up by snacking on these chocolate-coated barley treats! These are similar to popcorn that you can quickly pop in your mouth while you’re busy leveling up on Super Mario 3D World!
Pokemon Sapporo Ichiban Seafood Noodle Bowl
Fill up your tummy with this yummy instant seafood ramen! You can start your Pokemon training with a warm bowl so you won’t lose energy spending the day catching ‘em all!
GIGANT Poteco Triple Consommé Potato Rings
These crispy potato rings are 200% larger than the regular Poteco snacks. Enjoy munching on these crunchy snacks that taste like beef, chicken, and pork consommé!
Splatoon 2 Cola & Soda Paste Candy
Are you Team Inkling or Team Octoling? Don’t forget to take a break in between Splatoon battles with these cola and soda paste candies. Just squeeze the packs so you can taste them!
Kirby Mix’n’Match Gum
Be as adventurous as Kirby and have fun experimenting with these yummy chewing gums! Chew two different pieces at the same time and create new flavor combinations.
One Piece Rock Paper Scissors Devil Fruit Gummy
Devil Fruit or Akuma no Mi are mysterious fruits that give special abilities in the One Piece series. Dare to try these gummies and have the skill to beat people in a game of rock, paper, scissors!
Pokemon Xylitol Soda Chewing Gum
Catching your favorite Pokemon characters can be tiresome! Take a quick break and be instantly refreshed as you chew on these gum sticks that have a thirst-quenching soda flavor.
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