August 2023


Okinawa and Naoshima are the go-to summer spots in Japan!
See which Japanese summer snacks were included in August's box!
Fanta x Morinaga Ramune Candy
Fanta is a fruit-flavored carbonated soda that’s popular across the world, especially in Japan! Get instantly refreshed on a hot summer day as you try this beverage in sweet ramune candy form.
STRONG Potato Shiso Plum Chips
Shiso ume or preserved plum with shiso leaf is a popular pickled snack in Japan! Savor its sour taste as you munch on these snacks. Each salted ridged piece is thicker than normal potato chips.
Hiyashuwa Ramune Soda & Mango Shaved Ice Candy
Ramune soda and tropical mango shaved ice desserts are top summer must-haves in Japan! Beat the heat and cool down by trying these candies that come in these refreshingly sweet flavors.
Picola Setouchi Lemon Biscuit Rolls
Setouchi lemons grow in warmer areas in Japan. Enjoy its sweet and tangy taste without traveling far by snacking on these delicious egg biscuit rolls flavored with fresh lemons.
Hi-Chew Watermelon Chewy Candy
Summer’s the perfect time to try the season’s fresh fruit harvests like watermelon! Relish the refreshingly sweet taste as you try these chewy candies while you lounge by the seashore.
Puku Puku Taiyaki Strawberry Wafer
Taiyaki or the traditional fish-shaped Japanese snack is always a staple in summer street festivals! Have a similar experience with this wafer treat that’s filled with aerated strawberry cream.
Marukawa Fresh Mandarin Gum
Quench your thirst with this pack of refreshing mandarin orange chewing gum! This popular sweet citrus fruit grows mainly in Ehime Prefecture and other warmer regions in Japan.
Yaokin Strawberry Soft-Serve Marshmallow
This pillowy marshmallow treat is shaped like a soft-serve cone! Have fun snacking on this sweet treat. It will not melt during hot summer days, unlike real strawberry ice cream.
Texas Corn Takoyaki Snack
Have fun munching on these yummy cornball snacks that taste like takoyaki! It’s a popular Japanese summer street food that’s round-shaped and has diced octopus coated with a thick batter.
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