February 2019


Take a peek which Japanese strawberry treats were included in the February Japan snack crate!
Kabaya Pure & Natural Strawberry Gummies
These delicious gummies are made with real Japanese strawberries replicating the soft and jiggly mouthfeel of eating the real thing.
Look 4 Strawberry Chocolates
Experience delicious chocolate made with four different varieties of Japanese strawberries. Which one is your favorite?
Yachin Heart Chipple Snack
Not your traditional Valentine’s Day treat. This crispy heart shaped snack has a grilled meat flavor with a slight garlic twist.
Umaibo Happy Valentine Snack
Umaibo or "delicious stick" is a popular snack series available in countless flavors. This is a special Valentine’s Day chocolate version.
Jaga Choco Strawberry Milk Chips
These delicious potato chips are covered in creamy and delicious strawberry milk chocolate. A definite “only in Japan” flavor and texture combination!
Shimi Crisp Strawberry Corn Stars
These cute star-shaped corn bites are a popular puffy sweet snack from Japan. A classic "dagashi" that all Japanese children know and love!
Bourbon Petit Strawberry Biscuits
These lovely bite-sized cookies are filled with delicious strawberry cream between the two delicate strawberry flavored biscuits!
Sanritsu Genji-Pie
Genji Pies are sugary pie biscuits shaped like cute hearts! They’ve been enjoyed by Japanese people since 1965.
Miyata’s Young Donuts
These small easy-to-eat doughnuts are a popular sweet snack among Japanese children. Share this limited chocolate flavored edition with your special someone!
Furuta Strawberry Chocolate Bar
This crunchy wafer bar is filled with a strawberry chocolate center and covered with even more delicious strawberry chocolate.
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