September 2018


Take a peek which Japanese snacks were included in the September Japan Candy Box!
Tirol Chocolate - Matcha Mochi
Mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake with a chewy texture. This Tirol chocolate has a delicious mochi filling and is flavored with matcha green tea - another Japanese traditional flavor.
Heart Girls Treat Lemon Peppermint Gummy
These delicious lemon gummies are infused with peppermint, creating a fresh flavor combination! They’re an “etiquette snack”, meant to be eaten when feeling hungry at a social gathering. Just don’t finish the whole bag at once!
Bourbon Choco Anpan - Melon Pan Flavor
Melon Pan is a traditional sweet bun from Japan, covered with a thin layer of crispy crust. These bite-sized versions also have a soft and deliciously creamy white chocolate filling.
Yaokin Umaibo - Cinnamon Apple Pie
Umaibo or "delicious stick" in Japanese, is a puffed corn snack available in countless flavors. This Cinnamon Apple Pie flavor is a Tokyo Area Limited Edition snack!
Yaokin Sour Paper Candy - Green Apple
Even though the candy is thin like paper it is full of rich green apple flavor. Celebrating the Autumn fresh fruits harvesting season.
Mochi Mixed Flavor Candy Box
These delicious small mochi candies come with a toothpick making it easier to pick up and enjoy them. Which one is your favorite? Orange, cherry, banana or apple?
Glico Almond Caramel Cubes
Japanese people love caramel candy! These unique caramel cubes have a chewy texture and are infused with bits of crunchy almond.
Hi-Chew Chewy Candy - Ishigaki Okinawa Pineapple
In 1975 Morinaga introduced a new fruit-flavored candy called Hi-Chew. It has since become a cultural icon in Japan. This limited edition version is made with real pineapples from Ishigaki island in Okinawa.
Meiji Takenoko No Sato Chocolate Biscuits
These delicious biscuits are covered in milk chocolate and made to look like real bamboo shoots. The packaging also features a traditional countryside bamboo scenery.
Nihon Kibi Dango Snack
Sumikko Gurashi translates literally to “living in a corner” and the characters are shy just like many Japanese people. These yummy grape flavored gummies are shaped like different Sumikko Gurashi!
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