April 2019


One of the most popular Japanese customs is "hanami", also known as the “Cherry blossom festival”.
Take a peek which Japanese candy & snacks were included in the April snack box!
Cratz Edamame Salted Soy Bean Snacks
These crunchy edamame (soybean) flavored pretzels are lightly seasoned with salt. They’re a perfect companion for a cold beverage after a long day at the office.
Bourbon Petit Black Cocoa & Vanilla Cream Biscuits
These bite-sized biscuits consist of creamy vanilla filling sandwiched between two crunchy cookies liberally infused with black cocoa. Great for sharing with friends!
Kabaya Juicy C Grape Candy
Jui-C (or Juicy C) has been popular among Japanese kids since the 60’s! In total there has been over 50 flavors! This one has a very fragrant grape flavor.
Ginbiz Choco Bar Z
This huge crisp chocolate snack stick is filled with delicious milk chocolate. It’s a perfect balance of sweetness and crunchiness.
Baby Star Ramen Maru Noodle Snacks
Baby Star has been a hugely popular treat in Japan since 1959. This chicken noodle snack has been compressed into bite sized pieces. Easy to enjoy on the go!
Ototo Seasonal Vegetable Crackers
Morinaga Ototo crackers are an iconic Japanese treat. This farm-inspired version is made from vegetable ingredients. The snacks are shaped like different farm produce.
Kit Kat Iyokan Mandarin Orange
This Kit-Kat mini-bar is made with real Iyokan Oranges which are mixed into the white chocolate creating this refreshingly sweet and crunchy combination.
Seika Long Grape Gum
Seika's popular grape gum is better than ever with this new foot-long sweet treat!
Long Sakeru Peeling Gummy - Mandarin Orange
Long Sakeru Gummy became popular by hilarious TV commercials which went viral. Peel off thin strips and enjoy the delicious Wenzhou mandarin orange flavor!
Morinaga Chocoball Chocolate Banana Flavor
Chocoball has been a popular sweet treat in Japan for decades. In this new version the chocolate balls are covered with a crispy banana flavored crust.
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