April 2020


Join us in celebrating the blooming sakura!
These Seasonal Japanese treats were included in the April box
Cream Collon Sakura & Matcha Biscuit Rolls
These bite-sized snacks consist of fragrant cream made with cherry and wrapped in a bittersweet matcha waffle. Great for sharing with friends as you enjoy your sakura picnic!
Tirol Sakura Mochi Chocolates
Experience sakura with this seasonal treat! Each chewy piece is like unwrapping a sakura mochi, a popular treat during this season. Enjoy the cherry blossom-flavored mochi center in every bite!
Morinaga Easter Strawberry Chocoball
Enjoy Easter with a Japanese twist with this cute pack of special edition chocolate treats. Each round piece is coated with strawberry chocolate and has a crunchy cocoa-flavored cookie center.
Lotte Easter Custard Cake
Satisfy your sweet cravings with this tasty snack wrapped in fun Easter-themed packaging. In the center of this ultra moist cake are two kinds of melt-in-your-mouth custard cream fillings!
Umaibo Shrimp & Mayonnaise Snack Stick
Taste the goodness of ebi mayo, or Japanese fried shrimp mayonnaise, in this corn puffed snack. Ebi mayo is a famous dish in Japan and its savory taste is perfectly recreated in this treat!
Yamayo Kuroi Kinako San Mochi
Japanese folk hero Momotaro and his animal friends bring you these sweet mochi snacks. The rice cakes are coated in kinako roasted soybean flour and have a syrupy black honey center.
Koala's March Easter Chocolate Cookies
Celebrate the Easter holidays with these sweetly adorable cookies in packaging cute enough for the Easter Bunny! Creamy chocolate goodness is wrapped within each koala-shaped piece.
Pretz Crispy Pizza Biscuit Sticks
Indulge in the taste of pizza in every bite of these extra crispy biscuit sticks! They are packed with fragrant flavors of cheese, tomato sauce, and herbs. Perfect for when your pizza craving strikes!
Nazo no Oshiri Butt-Shaped Candies
Let these silly butt-shaped sweets tickle your fanny and taste buds. Each piece begins with a peach flavor and changes color and taste when you put it in your mouth.
Chip Star Salty Sakura Potato Chips
Complete your sakura picnic with these fragrant and lightly salted chips. Each pink piece is like an edible cherry blossom petal, but with a satisfying and savory crunch.
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