August 2019


The best part of Japanese summer is the matsuri or festivals!
See which festival snacks were included in the August Japan Candy Box!
Black Thunder Matcha Adzuki
Packed with the classic Japanese flavors of matcha and adzuki red beans, this chocolate bar has a powerful taste with a fitting name. Each crunchy bite contains real sweet adzuki from Hokkaido.
Ginbis LONG Shimi Choco Corn Star Stick
Ginbis’ star-shaped snacks have joined together to make one looong chocolatey treat. This corn puff snack is crunchy and coated in rich milk chocolate. Unwrap as you bite to keep your hand clean.
Furuta Mini Choco Baa
This snack’s name is a play on the similar sound of “bar” and “baa,” meaning granny in Japanese. The chocolate-coated corn snack has the sweetness of treats you’d get at grandma’s house!
Mystery Fruity Marshmallows
An entertaining treat, each pack comes with three marshmallows in one, two, or even three different sweet and sour flavors for you to discover. Will you get strawberry, orange, grape or all three?
One Hand Energy Karamucho
Get a pick me up with a spicy kick. The classic crispy Karamucho chip pieces are made with caffeine and are easy to eat without dirtying your hands as you walk around at a matsuri!
Penguin Cider Mochi Candy
The cider taste of festival ramune meets traditional Japanese sweets in this little pack. Eat each mochi piece with the included pick just like the treats found at a matsuri food stall.
Botani Basil & Mayonnaise Potato Snack
These potato stick snacks are extra crispy and have a deliciously fragrant flavor. They are non-friend and made with natural ingredients including avocado and olive oils for a deliciously clean taste.
Puré Lemon Gummies
Get in the mood for summer with the juicy taste of fresh lemons. This little pouch contains just the right amount of sweet and citrus to refresh you after walking around a hot matsuri.
Kabaya Pure & Natural Melon Gummies
Infused with real Japanese melon juice, these gummies have a super mouthwatering taste. Take the resealable pouch with you and snack on them as you watch a summer fireworks spectacle.
Anpanman Caramel Corn
These puffed corn snacks with Anpanman packaging are like carnival food with a Japanese twist. Each piece has a melt-in-your-mouth sweetness complemented with a satisfying crunch.
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