August 2020


Immerse yourself in Japan's summer festivals!
See which matsuri snacks were included in August's box!
Hi-Chew Ramune & Blue Hawaii Chewy Candies
Take a refreshing break with this mix of fizzy ramune and Blue Hawaii cocktail-flavored chewy candies! These famous cold drinks are enjoyed at summer festivals in Japan.
Bourbon Banana Chocolate Biscuits
Choco-coated banana is a popular street food that’s sold in festivals as well. Indulge in the richness of banana-flavored chocolate that generously coats each crispy whole-grain biscuit.
Mentos Ramune Soda Candy
Ramune soda is the staple Japanese refreshment during the summertime! Taste the fizzy lemon-lime soda both on the outer candy shell and on the chewy center of this Japan-exclusive candy.
Texas Corn Takoyaki Snacks
Takoyaki is one of the most popular street foods found at summer festivals! Taste the savory goodness of fried pancake balls with octopus in every bite of these crunchy corn snacks.
Icy Cider Dango Mochi
Grilled dango or rice dumpling balls are a traditional treat served on a skewer. Enjoy the unique take on this festival dessert with its icy cider flavor that creates a cooling sensation in your mouth!
Yaki Edamame Snacks
Yaki edamame or grilled young soybean is a great healthy festival snack in Japan. Relish the sweet buttery taste of these non-fried edamame snacks that are rich in both protein and calcium!
Kakigori Chilled Cola Gum
Kakigori or shaved ice with syrup is a popular festival treat to beat the summer heat! Just like kakigori, you can enjoy crunchy ice-like candy bits with this pack of cola-flavored gum.
Umaibo Puzzles & Dragons Bisque Corn Puff
Umaibo has teamed up with the mobile game “Puzzles & Dragons” for this collaborative snack. This corn stick puff comes in a special dragon bisque flavor for the game’s 8th anniversary.
Banana Man Marshmallow
This pillowy treat smells, tastes, and is shaped like a real banana. Bite into this soft marshmallow for a fun surprise: a sweet chocolate syrupy center!
Sobameshi Yakisoba Dried Noodle Snack
Many “yatai” or Japanese food stalls sell the crowd-pleaser yakisoba or Japanese stir-fried noodles with sweet sauce! Savor the rich yakisoba flavor as you munch into this crispy noodle snack!
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