September 2020


Hop aboard and travel across the regional flavors of Japan!
See which Japanese snacks were included in September's box!
Mr. Ito Languly Hokkaido Melon Biscuits
Savor the taste of juicy melon cream sandwiched inside langue de chat or cat tongue-shaped cookies. Each piece is flavored with real Hokkaido melon juice powder.
Coris Watermelon Seeds Ramune Candy
Stop by Kumamoto, Japan's top producer of watermelons and enjoy these edible black seeds! Each piece is bursting with refreshing watermelon ramune soda flavor.
Umaibo Lemon Corn Puff Snack
Head over to the Setouchi region for fresh lemon flavor. This lemon-flavored Umaibo or "great tasting stick" packs a refreshingly tangy punch in every crunchy bite.
Bourbon Fettuccine Sour Plum Gummies
Ume plums are known to be intensely sour and are sourced from Japanese plum trees in Wakayama Prefecture. Bite into these pasta strip-shaped gummies flavored with delectable ume plum.
Strawberry Caviar Gummy Candies
Caviar or fish eggs are used as toppings for Japanese dishes like sushi and sashimi. Don’t let appearances fool you though as these caviar-like gummies are bursting with sweet strawberry flavor!
Calbee Tomoriko Roasted Corn Sticks
Enjoy the rich taste of roasted Hokkaido sweet corn in a pouch! Inspired by the local street food, these delicious corn sticks are flavored with a sweet soy sauce glaze.
Sour Apple Paper Candy Strip
Green apples from Aomori Prefecture are well-known across Japan. Taste the sour goodness of green apple in this paper-thin treat that instantly melts in your mouth!
Orange Long Chew
You don’t have to wait for the fall or winter season to get a taste of Japan’s famous Mikan oranges! Relish their sweet refreshing flavor with this extra-long chewy treat.
Kasugai 100% Fruit Juice Gummies
Munch on these soft candies that are brimming with the freshest fruity flavors! These gummies are made with 100% pure fruit juice and contain no artificial colorings.
Yaokin Lemonade Roll Candy
Quench your thirst with this chewy treat that’s flavored with real lemonade. This candy roll has a whopping length of 50 centimeters so you can have more fun relishing its juicy lemony goodness!
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