February 2021


Oishi is here to fill your heart and tummy with love!
See which Japanese Valentines snacks were included in February's box!
Black Thunder Valentine's Day Choco Bar
It’s a Valentine’s Day tradition in Japan for women to give “giri choco” or inexpensive chocolates to male friends. Black Thunder is a well-loved “giri choco” for its crisp and creamy taste!
Umaibo Chocolate Valentine's Day Puff Stick
Umaibo’s cat mascot Umaimon is playing Cupid in this special edition treat! Express your love and appreciation by sharing this puffed corn snack covered in milk chocolate with a loved one!
Kabaya Colorful Ramune Candies
Share this Japanese pouch of refreshing ramune candies with your friends this Valentine's Day! Each one tastes like a refreshing ramune soda, Japan's famous bottled soft drink.
Kit Kat Onsen Manjyu Chocolate
The Japanese hot spring experience is brought to you with this Japan-only Kit Kat inspired by onsen manjyu! Hot spring or onsen manjyu are traditional treats sold as souvenirs at hot spring resorts.
Starry Sky Konpeito
Konpeito candies are traditional sugar candies. They’re loved by the soot sprites in the famous Japanese animated fantasy film Spirited Away. Share these with your own sprite friends!
Lifeguard Energy Soda Paste Candy
Japan has some of the world’s most oddly interesting candies, just like this pack of paste candy. Each gooey candy is flavored with tasty Lifeguard Japanese energy soda.
Fujiya LOOK 4 Strawberry Flavors Chocolate
Winter is strawberry season in Japan, and there are many juicy varieties grown across the nation! Taste the goodness of Amaou, Ichigosan, Skyberry, and Awayuki Strawberry in these chocolates.
Tohato Poteko Salted Potato Ring Snacks
Put a ring on it this Valentine’s Day! before munching them. They’re seasoned with mineral salt from Okinawa Prefecture.
Bourbon Petit Kimchi Hot Pot Chips
Japanese hot pot is a popular winter dish containing fresh ingredients cooked in simmering soup. These kimchi hot pot flavored chips will warm your heart and tummy.
Fuku Fuku Taiyaki Choco Wafer
This special edition of the famous Puku Puku Tai wafer snack comes in lucky red sea bream packaging. Red sea bream is often served at Japanese celebrations to bring in ‘fuku’ or good luck.
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