July 2022


Okinawa is known for its beautiful beaches and long summer months!
See which Japanese treats were included in July's box!
Calbee Seaweed Butter Super Potato Chips
The shores of Okinawa are brimming with seaweeds! Kick back and relax by the beach as you munch on these thicker-sliced potato chips that are flavored with salty seaweed and rich butter.
Tropical Fruits Premium Custard Cake
Taste the sweetest and freshest tropical fruits as you bite into this pillowy treat! Sandwiched between layers of moist cake is a mix of cream, banana, pineapple, and mango-flavored custard.
Baskin Robbins 31 Soda Popping Shower Choco Bites
Baskin Robbins has more than a thousand ice cream stores all over Japan! Cool down after a warm summer day as you try these mini soda ice cream chocolates that are filled with popping candy.
Oyatsu x TOMY Plarail Chicken Ramen Maru Snack
Oyatsu collaborated with Plarail, a famous toy train line that’s inspired by the Shinkansen. Munch on these chicken-flavored ramen snacks while you travel via train to your summer destination!
Fruit Forest Mochiame Candy
Mochi candies have a chewy texture similar to the traditional Japanese glutinous rice cake or mochi. Savor the taste of melons, grapes, and other in-season summer fruits with these colorful sweets!
Tomica Ramune Candy
Ramune soda is a popular thirst quencher, especially during the warm summer in Japan! Have a blast trying out these cider, pineapple, and peach ramune candies shaped like Tomica toy cars.
Fresh Strawberry Hi-Chew
Summer is the best time for strawberry picking across the berry farms in Okinawa! Savor the natural sweetness of freshly picked strawberries as you chew on these delicious soft treats.
One's Choco Mint Bar
Beat the summer heat with a chocolate treat that’s not only sweet but also cooling! Delicious Japanese milk chocolate is layered with mint-flavored choco that gives off a refreshing kick!
Saka Fruity Neriame
Neri ame or mizu ame is a popular Japanese candy that’s usually sold during summer festivals in Japan! Experience the fun of twisting and bending this water-like fruity dessert.
Maeda 11 Veggies Stick Snacks
Shimayasai or island veggies are an essential part of every Okinawan’s diet. Get a taste of this fresh produce from these healthy stick snacks made with 11 different vegetables!
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